Equipping Emerging Student Athletes to better compete within their sport and their life.

Coaching  – Training – Mentorship

Our goal is to help our youth

Feel Safe

Feel Loved

Find Purpose

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Join us on Sunday, June 2nd, 2024 at Chuck’s Pizza (3610 6th Ave. DSM, IA 50313) from 12 PM – 5 PM to help us in our mission to encourage and support the youth in our community! $30 Meal Ticket, Silent Auction, and 50/50 Raffle!

Many young athletes are faced with additional obstacles in order to succeed


Living within an unstable family dynamic


Surrounded by negative influences


Limited financial resources


Feeling trapped by their circumstances

Too many student athletes surrender to the lie that their value only comes from their athletic abilities.

At The DSM Labs, we believe athletes are more than their abilities on the playing field and deserve to feel safe and secure, loved and accepted, and know they have a purpose. 

Although Born with natural abilities, their Future is often  determined BY their Environment

We help these emerging youth realize they are more than their current surroundings, and help them live up to their full potential by providing elite athletic training.

 We offer emerging athletes, ages 7-18,
a 6-8 week Athletic Training program That will Impact them plus future generations

Strengthen Their Bodies

Build Their Character

Give Them Hope

Meet Kevin Valentine

Raised by a single parent, Kevin knows firsthand the challenges of growing up in poverty. But fortunately for Kevin, although negative influences surrounded him, there were a few men and women, pastors and coaches, who spent time with him and poured themselves into his life to help him.

As a result, Kevin slowly began to understand that he was more than just his surroundings and could become something more significant. All he needed was a little hope, but when growing up in poverty, hope can be hard to find.

Today Kevin helps others find their hope.

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Married and the father of ten children and seven grandchildren, Kevin shares hope not only with youth through DSM Lab but serves on a Des Moines Police Panel and Dad’s With Purpose to help men get a fresh start on life after being incarcerated. Kevin says the more time he spends with these men “makes me want to pour myself into our youth. To make better choices and live better lives. I don’t want to meet them when they leave prison later in life. I want to help them have a better future today.”

 But we can’t do it on our own,We Need Your Help

Here is how you can Partner with the DSM Lab

“Here at The DSM Lab, we focus on Faith and fitness. We strive to reach the hearts of our youth by bringing them to know Christ. As we understand that building a strong body is important, although knowing our Lord and Savior is essential. We’re grateful to have partnered with Faith Missionary Baptist Church that has provided the training space we needed to begin our mission. We are excited to serve and be disciples. God Bless”

Kevin Valentine


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With your help, we step into the lives of these young and gifted athletes to help strengthen their bodies, build their character, and give them hope for their future.

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Make a positive and lasting impact on a young person’s life, helping them break the generational curse of poverty and despair.